Our Partner Church is in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia; Debre Zeit Berhane Wongel Baptist Church.
(Berhane Wongel means Light of the Gospel)

Pastor Solomon Seyoum-Head Pastor
Pastor Solomon is the senior pastor of Berhane Wongel Church. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1970, Pastor Solomon received Jesus as his only savior in 1981. He worked for six years at Gafat Engineering Factory in machine maintenance and was called to serve the Lord in 1996. Since then, has been serving the Lord as a preacher and church planter, and was ordained as a senior pastor of Berhane Wongel in 2002. He was awarded the Bachelor of Theology in 2002. His first language is Amharic and his second language is English. He is not married.


To establish a healthy church that is founded on the five practical principles of the great commission and great commandment of our Lord.

To establish a church that worships the Lord which gives holistic services to people and looks forward to the second coming of our Lord with holiness and dedication.

To produce believers that is founded on the love of our Lord and his people.

To increase the number of believers who are called to our Lord through the preaching of the good news.

To grow believers into a state of discipleship by equipping them with the Word of God and spiritual development.

To bring impact on the general community as true examples verified by the symbolism of salt and light of the world.

To assist the needy people through holistic love and support and to reach the general community through the effective accomplishment of these acts.

History of the Church
In 1995 the church was started in Debre Zeit in Berhane’s house with only five people as a cell. In 1996, the church increased to 17. In 2000 the membership grew to 50 so a larger house had to be rented in order to conduct worship. In Denkaka, which is a village 10 kilometers away form the main church, 25 souls were won to Christ and an outreach church is now established there. Currently there are 200 church members in Debre Zeit and 50 in Denkaka. Fundraising was held that allowed them to purchase the compound in Debre Ziet where they currently worship. It is in a plastic shelter and the church is currently fundraising to construct a sanctuary and other necessary facilities for the congregation and outreach. The church heritage is Baptist, while the core beliefs are the foundation of Christian faith.

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